"Trust Sessions", and "Trust Wray", really? Anonymous 03/05/2018 (Mon) 11:41:31 No.286 del
So Q says "trust Sessions" and "trust Wray" hey? Well, well, on the last day he kept repeating that as a parrot, the people of Florida want Wray removed for not stopping the school shooting, when the FBI was given ample warning weeks before the event that the shooter was going to commit the crime. And now all types of people are calling for the arrest of Jeff Sessions who is:

① A Hillary – Obama – Bush stooge not truly going after the true criminals, but ignoring the crimes, as explained in this thread.

② Actually colluding with Rosenstein and Mueller to remove Trump.

③ Obstructing American justice by refusing to prosecute Fast & Furious, Eric Holder and many many crimes.

⑤ Attempted to block the release of the FISA abuse memo, claiming it was a huge risk to national security. He and Rosenstein conspired to attempt to block it, together with many others such as Adam Shiff, a criminal, Chuck Schumer, a Nazi thug, the FBI (clearly involved in crimes and obstruction of justice), Nancy Pelosi (a thief, got rich from where?), and many other such thugs and criminals.

How We Are Controlled and Why Most People Can't See It

https://youtube.com/watch?v=8LwgfCJ7upw [Embed]

Learn to think for yourself. Do not allow others to do the thinking for you. Do not expect some savior to come -along and fix everything for you. Get active and do your part. Q-anon clearly at this point is a C-I-A troll, a Shadow Government puppet working to deceive the masses and clearly working to remove Trump by making these false statements.

► How much of what this Q larper and clown agent has said has actually come to pass? He refers over to a fake e-mail to Podesta that the NSA never released, refers to an event in the orient which never took place, uses fake evidence to claim he is connected to Trump (Twitter connection can be easily spoofed, as we have seen).

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